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ALL visitors, guests, and customers of Horse Sleigh Farm, LLC park and participate in all farm activities AT THEIR OWN RISK.
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Located in New Jersey | Warren County | North Jersey | Address: 438 Route 57 West, Washington, NJ 07882
1 hour drive from New York City & 1 hour drive from Philidelphia | Phone: 908-267-5313 Email:
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All Attractions
Discover what activities Horse Sleigh Farm has to offer!
Here at Horse Sleigh Farm we offer dozens of family fun attractions to keep you and your family happy and busy at our farm!

Visit our farm today! Get directions to our farm or pre-purchase tickets!
Below is a brief description of each activity we offer.
Pumpkin picking nj
New Jersey Pumpkin Picking
Known for our pumpkin picking in New Jersey, Horse Sleigh Farm offers real authentic pumpkins with long vines that our visitors love to twist off! We comment on this because most farms have stubby vines that break off and really hurt the value of the pumpkin. We take pride in our pumpkin fields and thousands of people each year come to visit our pumpkin picking farm and enjoy finding the perfect pumpkin in the patch. Learn more about our Pumpkin Picking. Available Daily.
Huge Corn Maze
Another favorite attraction is our wonderful corn maze at our farm in Washington, NJ. The corn maze is approximately 10 acres, offers daytime conundrums and in-the-maze games, and is split into a large maze and a small maze - depending on how much walking you want to do! At night this spider & web themed corn maze is haunted along with our other haunted attractions on weekends. Learn more about our Corn Maze. Available Daily.
Children's Pony Rides
pony rides with kids
One of our most popular things to do on our farm for the kids are pony rides! We have two of the nicest, calmest, sweetest ponies that are prefect for pony rides on the farm. Your child will get the chance to ride the pony with assistance staff walking together around our pasture. It is one of the perfect memories a child can have - and it's always a favorite. Remember to bring your camera! Learn more about our Pony Rides.
Available 10-6 on Saturdays & Sundays.
Family Hayrides
hayrides on the farm NJ
Enjoy a scenic hayride through our New Jersey farm to our popular pumpkin patch. Along the way on on your hayride you will be able to sightsee not only beautiful views but also an exotic Water Buffalo herd! Our herd is approximately 20 Water Buffalo and growing! We have several hayrides running at once so be sure to catch a hayride and enjoy the views and pumpkin picking with your family during the fall. Learn more about our Hayrides. Available Daily.
Haunted Hayrides in New Jersey
Haunted Night Attractions
Horse Sleigh Farm's Haunted Night Attractions are one of the best in the region! Dare to climb aboard our Haunted Hayride, twist and turn through our Trail of Terror, experience the thrill of our Haunted Barnyard, and get lost in our breathtakingly huge Haunted Corn Maze --- All for one low price! Learn more about our Haunted Attractions or buy tickets!
Available 7-11pm on Fridays & Saturdays from Sept 27th - Oct 27th.
Water Buffalo Sightings at Horse Sleigh Farm
Exotic Water Buffalo Sightings
Exotic Water Buffalo roam freely among our meadows along our stream, Brass Castle. We offer Water Buffalo sightings as part of our hayrides to the pumpkin picking field. These Water Buffalo do not originate here in America. There are only about 5000 in the United States and the Water buffalo originates from South East Asia and is concidered an exotic mammal. Our herd has 5 members, and growing! Learn more about our Water Buffalo. Available Daily.
animal petting and animal zoo at Horse Sleigh Farm
Adorable Animal Petting
On our farm in scenic Warren County New Jersey, we have a large pasture dedicated solely to animal petting. This year we have several sheep and goats, and approximately half a dozen chickens to pet. We offer feed and carrots at the market to feed the animals. Our animals are always well behaved and kids love petting our animals. **Although our animals are well behaved, they still are animals - interact at your own risk.** Learn more about our Animal Petting. Available Daily.
Corn Cannon
Our corn cannon is a great past time! We have several cannons to shoot corn cobs at a pickup truck! Yes, our truck is quite dented up by now but it's still tons of fun. Our farm has targets all set up, so enjoy competing with your friends to find out who has more accuracy! Learn more about our
Corn Cannon.
Available 10-6 on Saturdays & Sundays.
Horse Drawn Rides at Horse Sleigh Farm NJ
Horse Drawn Wagon Rides
Create amazing memories at Horse Sleigh Farm with our Horse Drawn Wagon Rides! This is really one of the favorites. Our two draft horses, Ron and Don will pull you and your family around our 155 acre farm. The ride is about 20 minutes long. Explore our meadows, the autumn trees, our barns, and much more! It's a very smooth ride and it's what a lot of our visitors rave about at the end of the day. Learn more about our Horse Drawn Wagon Rides.
Available 12:30-4:30 on Saturdays & Sundays.
U-pick strawberries, apples, peaches, produce NJ farm
Pick Your Own
Horse Sleigh Farm in Washington, NJ offers a variety of "Pick Your Own" produce! Families love to come by and pick our fresh vegetables and fruits because it can't get any fresher! Our produce prices are competitive and it's delicious. Stop by soon. Check our Pick Your Own Schedule to see what fruits or vegetables are in season for picking! Available Daily.
Gem Mining attraction at Horse Sleigh Farm
Gem Mining
Gem Mining is popular with the kids. Unlock your inner miner by purchasing a bag of paydirt and uncover the riches within. The paydirt we provide has beautiful minerals and a golden mineral called "mica" that looks just like real gold. Beautiful aqua and yellow rocks have been found within our dirt. Run through the paydirt through our gem mining setup with flowing water and discover the riches inside! Great for kids between 5 and 12. Learn more about our Gem Mining. Available Daily.
Hay Mountain
Hay Mountain activity at Horse Sleigh Farm
Enjoy our giant hay mountain! Built with large round hay bales and square bales, our hay mountain is approximately 18 feet tall. The children love to climb up to the top and play, often looking over to see some of the outline of our corn maze. This is a great place to let the kids run out of their leftover energy at the end of the day. The hay mountain is a free attraction at Horse Sleigh Farm. Learn more about our Hay Mountain. Available Daily.
Corn Box
Corn Box on the Farm NJ
The Corn Box - Another FREE attraction at Horse Sleigh Farm. Just like a normal sandbox, just filled with corn kernals. The kids go crazy just to play with the corn, and it feels great running the corn through your hands. The Corn Box is a ton of fun on the farm for the kids, as they play with trucks and other toys in the Corn Box. Great for young kids. Learn more about our
Corn Box.
Available Daily.
Pumpkin Painting & Carving
Pumpkin Painting & Pumpkin Carving after Pumpkin Picking - Farm NJ
Pumpkin painting and pumpkin carving are very popular on our farm. Many people love the fact that after they pick out and purchase their pumpkin - a paint and carving station is already set up. Families love to relax, grab a bite to eat, sit down, and enjoy painting their pumpkins. It's a great way to take a breather from all the things we offer on our farm. Learn more about our  Pumpkin Painting & Pumpkin Carving. Available Daily.
Bounce House at Horse Sleigh Farm
Giant Horse Bounce House
You cannot go wrong with a giant bounce house. Horse Sleigh Farm in Washington, NJ now has it's very own huge bounce house in the shape of a giant horse. The bounce house is 15'x12' and can accompany half a dozen kids at a time. The kids love to bounce around and enjoy playing in our farm's bounce house. An amazing activity for letting loose of all that energy the kids have! Great for young kids. Learn more about our Bounce House.
Available 10-6 on Saturdays & Sundays.
Photo Opportunities
Scenic farm views - Bring your camera
Horse Sleigh Farm in Warren County New Jersey offers fantastic farm views wheather it be on our hayrides, in our pumpkin patch, with our custom made farmer signs, with our animals, or even in our corn maze! Be sure to bring your camera to our family friendly NJ Farm to capture those priceless family memories. Learn more about our Photo Opportunities. Available Daily.
Paintball Wagon Ride
Archery Range with Bow & Arrow
One of our new attractions on our farm is the Paintball ride! With high demand of paintball, and in combination with family fun, Horse Sleigh Farm has created paintball rides! Hayrides will be given to groups at a time with paintball guns attached to the wagon. Targets will appear along the trail and you'll be able to refine your target practice with paintball. A great new activity that you and your family are sure to enjoy on our farm. Learn more about our Paintball Ride. Available 10-6 on Saturdays & Sundays.
Horse Boarding in Warren County NJ
Horse Boarding
A BIG part of Horse Sleigh Farm is devoted to our horse boarding stable on Kayharts Lane in Washington, NJ. We are known for our A+ care for the horses and we put in the effort to make everything great. Our barn is a small, drama-free barn - only about 16 stalls for horse boarding. Inside our barn is brand new, rebuilt with new wood. Includes roughly 40 acres of pasture space, over 155 acres of trails, non - electric fencing, tack room, hot wash stall, and much more. Learn more about our Horse Boarding.
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